Florida Keys

Tip of the week 

Be able to side cast and comfortable with the "double haul". This will help you punch into the wind and lay your leader out better.

Seven-day forecast 

Mid 70's to lower 80,s


Hello Anglers! We welcome everyone a warm welcome from The Saltwater Angler!

After a winter of cold fronts knocking our fish off the flats looking for deeper water, it seems we may have turned a corner. For the past week we have seen our top three flats species make a strong showing in the shallows and back country channels and basins. A good number of bonefish have been kicking up mud on a falling tide. The permit that were previously chattering their teeth and now tailing up and crunching crabs. In the coming weeks warmer weather will follow. Tarpon have started making there way to the keys. We had solid bites earlier this week from some smaller schooling fish and landed one that pushed 80 lbs. The bite didn't last long, but it was fun while it it was on!

Cudas this time of year are plentiful on the flats whether on fly or light spinning gear they can really make your fishing adventure memorable. Large bait fish fly patterns moving fast is the best option to hookup with these torpedo's of the sea. Cuda tubes on spin gear works nicely too.

Offshore remains steady with very similar fishing conditions to the last couple of weeks Plenty of bait offshore continues to help reef fishing. Look for yellow tail snapper to be very aggressive just outside the reef line in 40-60 feet of water. The Tuna also remain abundant in a mix bag of Bonita's and skip jacks too. Stocking up on as much live bait you can find will help you out hooking up with these brutes. Some captains are finding some decent sized Dolphin on color changes and temperature breaks farther offshore. We can expect to start seeing sailfish moving in as conditions continue to improve. Whatever trip you have planned, we here at the Salt water Angler wish you tight lines and fish boat side!

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